Rob Rainer Looks at Poverty in Canada on CBC’s The Current

Credit to CBC: Image taken from The Current's website

This morning Canada Without Poverty’s Executive Director Rob Rainer had the opportunity to co-host a special edition of CBC’s The Current that looked at poverty across the country.  In a follow-up program from last Fridays show titled “We are the 10%: Poverty in Canada” with Lorna Crozier, CBC scheduled a second show after the incredible response that rolled in from all corners of Canada. On today’s show, Rob and Lorna joined Anna Maria Tremonti to take calls from people who are living with low-income and who wished to educate the broader public about the sacrifices and trials people in poverty face.

Many Canadians who have faced poverty, or are living in poverty called in to share their powerful stories of challenge and frustration.  Their perspective gave listeners insight into the truth of poverty – one of the working poor, single parents trying to get ahead, persons with disabilities feeling as though there are few options for them, and so on.  This type of program is integral to breaking down myths about poverty and informing people around the country about the choices individuals and families with low-income are forced to make (pay the rent, or buy food).  We hope the CBC as well as other media outlets will continue to broaden the conversation, raise awareness about poverty and discuss tangible solutions that are within reach.

If you were not able to listen in this morning, clips from the show will be posted on The Current website.