CWP 2012 Pre-Budget Submission

Canada Without Poverty has sent a submission to the federal finance committee applying to appear in the fall and present recommendations for the upcoming 2013 budget.  Aligned with previous presentations, the submission captures the reality of poverty across the country and the critical impacts on society and the economy if continued financial and food insecurity persists among people living in Canada.

The four recommendations for the federal finance committee for the 2013 budget are as follows:

  1. Direct resources for creating and implementing a federal plan for poverty elimination that complements provincial and territorial plans, and that sets targets and timelines for poverty reduction and elimination
  2. Establish a low income refundable tax credit equal to the gap between a person’s total income and the value of the Low Income Measure for applicable households
  3. Create an anti-poverty competitiveness task force and an anti-poverty impact test similar to the business impact test now done by departments to evaluate regulations and regulatory burden
  4. In anticipation of a significant spike in food prices due the catastrophic 2012 North American drought, establish a special, national emergency food security fund to assist low-income individuals and families in meeting their food requirements

To read the full submission click here.


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