Dignity For All launches Living in the Gap campaign

The Dignity For All campaign, co-led by Canada Without Poverty and Citizens for Public Justice, has launched the Living in the Gap: A Snapshot of Precarity in Canada campaign to mark the third anniversary of the release of the DFA model anti-poverty plan.

Canada’s first-ever national anti-poverty strategy must have a meaningful impact on those whose lives are most precarious. Issues related to precarity, including poverty, are complex by nature. This is why Canada needs an anti-poverty strategy that tackles these issues in a thoughtful and comprehensive way.

Living in the Gap is a snapshot of the monthly incomes, expenses, and experiences of six fictitious households. Drawn from across the country in rural and urban settings, these snapshots illustrate how precarity affects our lives on a daily basis.

These profiles are not unique; they represent what it’s like for typical families struggling to make ends meet. They also show why it is important to use targeted, evidence-based approaches to tackling precarity and poverty in Canada.

Together, we can work towards a poverty-free Canada! Check out our stories, share the infographics on social media, and add your voice to over 12,000 individuals, organizations, and government representatives who support the Dignity For All model anti-poverty plan.

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