New federal All-Party Anti-Poverty Caucus

We are pleased to report that a new federal All-Party Anti-Poverty Caucus is being formed and that it will hold its first event on Parliament Hill on June 12th.  Canada Without Poverty has been working to help catalyze the formation of this bi-partisan caucus.  We are thrilled to see it taking shape with over 40 members thus far, and to have been invited to be part of the June 12th event.

From the invitation:

“The Anti-Poverty Caucus (APC) seeks to bring together parliamentarians, organizations, community leaders, and other key stakeholders to find concrete solutions to end poverty….Real, systemic and lasting change is required to enable people living in poverty to achieve their potential.  Innovative thinking, non-partisan cooperation, and deep-seated commitment are urgently needed.”

The urgency of poverty action is underscored by a new Canadian Institute for Health Information report finding that “avoidable deaths” have plummeted in Canada – but not in low income areas, where “people living in the least affluent neighbourhoods [are] twice as likely to die from preventable causes as those in the most affluent neighbourhoods.”  (See a Globe and Mail article on this report, and click here to access the report itself.)  As well, see a new UNICEF report listing Canada in 24th place out of 35 developed countries, in terms of the incidence of child poverty.  (Canada’s child poverty rate is reported at 13.3%, whereas in Iceland, in first place, the rate is reported at 4.7%.  The U.S., in 34th place ahead of Romania, has a child poverty rate of 23.1%.)

The All-Party Anti-Poverty Caucus co-chairs are the Hon. Michael Chong, MP (Conservative), Jean Crowder, MP (NDP) and Hon. Art Eggleton, Senator (Liberal).  The caucus treasurer is the Rev. Don Meredith, Senator (Conservative).  We encourage you to send a message of thanks and support to each of them:,,, and

We will keep our national network informed as to significant developments materializing from the caucus.


Rob Rainer

Executive Director

Canada Without Poverty

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