Announcing Leilani Farha as CWP’s new Executive Director

Canada Without Poverty is pleased to announce that on September 5th Leilani Farha will become the organization’s new Executive Director.  Leilani is a leading expert and advocate on economic and social human rights, especially for women.  She has a long history promoting the right to adequate housing, equality and non-discrimination in housing in Canada and internationally.  Prior to joining Canada Without Poverty, Leilani was the Executive Director of the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation for 12 years.  She has extensive experience addressing homelessness, poverty and inequality in Canada through advocacy, casework, litigation, research and community based work.  She has been at the forefront of applying international human rights law to anti-poverty issues in Canada, and is known internationally for her work on housing rights and women’s economic and social rights.  As of September 5th, Leilani can be reached at [email protected].

Rob Rainer, Executive Director since November 2006, has initiated a transition in his work to and will continue to play a vital role in the organization.  He will shift to focus on two critical areas: developing new organizational partnerships and continuing to lead the essential work of building financial capacity to ensure greater mission impact.  Rob will also continue to represent and promote the work of CWP more broadly.

“We are thrilled that Leilani will be joining our team,” said Harriett McLachlan, President of the Board of Canada Without Poverty.  “We are equally thrilled that Rob will continue to play a key role.  Together, with Megan Yarema, they will comprise our new senior staff leadership and management team working closely with other staff, the Boards of Canada Without Poverty and the CWP Advocacy Network, other volunteers and our five eminent Honorary Directors as we strive to position Canada Without Poverty for the strongest possible, national civil society leadership on poverty in Canada.”

Please support our mission and work!  Founded in 1971 as the National Anti-Poverty Organization, Canada Without Poverty is a registered charity that seeks to eradicate poverty in Canada for the benefit of all, by educating Canadians about the human and financial cost of poverty, and by identifying public policy solutions.  Canada Without Poverty is governed by people who have experienced poverty.

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