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The 2016 AFB is Here!

By Jillian Premachuk, BSW Student and Morgan Teeple Hopkins, Law Student We are pleased to announce that the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) has released its annual Alternative Federal Budget (AFB) for 2016. 

A federal budget without solutions or vision

A drop hitting water.

Yesterday, between Olympic athletic triumphs and medal ceremonies, the federal budget came into public view with very little to offer, in particular for people struggling to make ends meet.   With little surprise, the budget focused on the deficit and left…

A new path for Canada: The Alternative Federal Budget

A drop hitting water.

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives released their annual Alternative Federal Budget (AFB) yesterday offering a different approach to government spending, while still balancing the books.  Titled, “Doing Better Together” the 2013 AFB follows the template of previous years bringing…